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Tank Capacity: 140L/160L/180L
Output Capacity: 100L/120L/130L
Gasoline Engine: 1.5-2HP/1.5-2HP/2HP
Length: 130cm/132cm/138cm
Width: 100cm/100cm/100cm
Height: 130cm/132cm/140cm ...
High-efficiency unit

Easy to operate and transport
Tank Capacity: 100L
Output Capacity: 70L
Power of electric motor: 1/2HP
Length: 140cm
Width: 100cm
Height: 150cm
Weigt: 70kg
Electric mixer 140 l.
0.3 Kw single phase engine
Drum Capacity: 3.5CUFT
Net Weight: 60KG
Wheel: 16"x4.00-8Air
L/W/W(MM): 1000/630/900
Electric Motor: 0.50HP
Pneumatic wheel
Tubeless wheel
PU flat free wheel
Rubber flat free wheel
Size: 8"/10"/13"/16"
16′x6.50-8 pneumatic wheel with plastic rim
Foldable Wagon TC019B
Light Weight Fodling wagon
Hold up to 150lbs
Easy to fold up in car
Tool pocket or cooller available


Weight: 9.8KGS ...
Min. Order: 250 Pieces
Kid Bike
Body Size: L830*W440*H575mm
N. W. /G. W: 8.1/9.6 KGS
Carton Size: 620*145*320mm
Wheel: AIR/EVA 121/2*21/4 Plastic Rim
Package: 1PC/CTN
QTY20/40/40H: ...
Min. Order: 200 Pieces
Foldable Tool Cart with galvanized wire tray. Powder coating frame for shopping
Sand Capacity: 10CBF
Water Capacity: 130L
Load Capacity: 180KGS
Net Weight: 20.2KGS
Wheel: 16"x4"A
L/H/C/A/B/h(mm): 1575/575/540/1100/885/478

10 cuft platci tray ...
Double wheelbarrow,with 3.5CBF tray
16"x4.00-8 pneumatic wheel with plastic rim.
Powder coating frame
Loading Capacity:120KGS
Lady Barrow with High-dense PE tray.
Camping Trailer ASI001
Galvanized steel body
Open to side with gas struts for easy open
Heavy duty jocket wheel

Size: 3800*1850*1080mm (Length*width*height)
Tire size: ...
Min. Order: 10 Pieces
Kids wheel barrow
Aluminum handle with grip
Foldable fabric tray
Hope up to 10KGS
10" pneumatic wheel

Load Capacity: 10KGS
Net Weight: 2.3KGS
Wheel: 200x50 blow molding ...
Wheel barrow
5 cuft steel tray
Steel tubuler handle
Easy to assemble
Perfect for construction

Water Capacity: 85-120L
Sand Capacity: 5CBF
Load Capacity: 160KGS
Net ...

Horse Saddle Cart for carry saddlery like saddle,pads etc.

Steel tube frame with powder coating.3.00-4 pneumatic wheel,galvanized rim

All parts are dismountable ...
1.5mm galvanized blade mounted with 3.00-4
Pneumatic wheel, easy to manipulate.
Adjustable handle and blade.
Powder coating handle

Wheel: 3.00-4 pneumatic wheel

L/W/H(mm): ...
Min. Order: 100 Pieces
Wheel barrow

Water Capacity: 78L

Sand Capacity: 6CBF

Load Capacity: 150KGS

Net Weight: 9.7KGS

Wheel: 13"x3"pneumatic wheel

L/H/C/A/B/h: 1400/460/560/820/670/250.
1.5mm galvanized blade
Pneumatic wheel, easy to manipulate.
Adjustable handle and blade.
Powder coating handle
Automatic or mechanical rotate

Wheel: 3.00-4 pneumatic wheel ...
Self-load log skid arch and holder easily moves logs up to 1000 lbs.
Garden kneeler seat LG001

Foldable kneeler seat for comfort when gardening
Powder Coating tubular frame
Comfortable foam seat

Product Feature:

Steel construction ...
Oxygen Hand Trolley HT1271
Twin oxygen hand trolley
Steel tubular handle
Heavy gauge steel toe plate
Ideal for industrial usage

Height: 1050mm
Width: 425mm ...
Ridger TC108
L/W/H: 126/46/24 cm
Carton Size: 48/26/21cm
N. W/G. W.: 3.50KGS/3.90KGS

Ideal for farm & garden usage
22mm x 1.2mm tubular handle
5.5" plastic wheel
26PCS ...