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All-welded frame for years of service.
Semi-pneumatic rear tired
And 6" front wheels. Ball-bearing wheels.
Heavy duty wheels front and rear.
Bed size 24" x 48" x 20"H...Bed is made of 9 GA expanded metal And 1-1/2" x 1/8" steel angle. 3/4" solid steel handle.

Low 20" bed height for easy loading. 3/4" solid steel ...
Load Capacity(kg):300
Net Weight(kg):25
Body Size(LxW1xHxW2)(mm):1485/915/1115/535
Water Capacity: 65 L
Sand Capacity: 5 CBF
Load Capacity: 100 KG
Net Weight: 9.5 KG
Wheel: 16"x4.00-8 Air
L/H/C/A/B/h(MM): 1555/435/565/825/585/225
Water Capacity: 100 L
Sand Capacity: 7 CBF
Load Capacity: 200 KG
Net Weight: 16.9KG
Wheel: 16"x4.00-8 Air
L/H/C/A/B/h(MM): 1502/610/605/980/635/335
Water Capacity: 100L
Sand Capacity: 5.5CBF
Load Capacity: 150KG
Net Weight: 12KG
Wheel: 16"x4.00-8 Air
L/H/C/A/B/h(MM): 1450/580/600/1000/600/330
Sturdy hook is formed from one piece of high carbon steel. Overall length is 12in., including a 4 1/2in. wooden grip handle secured with 1/4in. x 5 1/4in. bolts.

Load ...
Timber carrier features a strong, ductile cast iron clasp open at the top and drawn tight by a bolt _ no bolt hole through the handle. Heavy steel swivel allows free ...

Sturdily manufactured from high carbon steel, these heavy-duty tongs are designed to grab hold of poles and logs for skidding and dragging operations. 3/4in. dia. ring ...

Makes woodpile work easier. Spoked wheels zip right over bumps or up and down stairs. Heavy-duty galvanized steel frame. Handy bark and dirt catcher on bottom panel. ...
Lifts log so your chain saw won′t dig into the ground. Pull the slip pin and the rigid stand removes for Cant Dog work.

Load Capacity(kg):100
Net Weight(kg):11.2
Body Size(LxW1xHxW2)(mm):1290/506/480/230
Load Capacity(kg):150
Net Weight(kg):10
Body Size(LxW1xHxW2)(mm):1190/605/475/200
Wheel barrow WB3015
Water Capacity: 78L
Sand Capacity: 6CBF
Load Capacity: 130KG
Net Weight: 13KG
Wheel: 16"x4.00-8 Air
L/H/C/A/B/h(MM): 1480/620/570/938/708/264
Wheel barrow WB3009P
Water Capacity: 80L
Sand Capacity: 5CBF
Load Capacity: 100KG
Net Weight: 10KG
Wheel: 16′x4.00-8 Air
L/H/C/A/B/h(MM): 1450/680/620/850/650/270

Feature: ...
Min. Order: 500 Pieces
6 cubic Ft. Tray with lockfast bolt holders, 16x650 x 8 pneumatic wheel, Steel handles. Weight 25kg.
Water Capacity: 65L
Sand Capacity: 5CBF
Load Capacity: 120KG
Net Weight: 13KG
Wheel: 16"x4.00-8
L/H/C/A/B/h(mm): 1260/675/570/820/690/250
Water Capacity: 72L
Sand Capacity: 5CBF
Load Capacity: 200KG
Net Weight: 15KG
Wheel: 16"x4.00-8 Air
L/H/C/A/B/h(MM): 1500/600/590/862/600/300
Load Capacity: 160KG
Net Weight: 10.5KG
Water Capacity: 78L
Sand Capacity: 5CBF
Wheel: 13"x3"Air
L/H/C/A/B/h(mm): 1440/476/550/895/642/298
Load Capacity:200KG
Net Weight:14.5KG
Water Capacity:72L
Sand Capacity:5CBF
Load Capacity: 80KG
Net Weight: 8.8KG
Water Capacity: 50L
Sand Capacity: 4.5CBF
Wheel: 4.00-6 Air
L/H/C/A/B/h(mm): 1270/610/570/803/610/205
Load Capacity: 130KG
Net Weight: 10.3KG
Water Capacity: 65L
Sand Capacity: 5CBF
Wheel: 13"x3" Air
L/H/C/A/B/h(mm): 1380/465/540/825/585/225
Load Capacity: 80KG
Net Weight: 23.5KG
Wheel: 20x2.125
L/H/C/A/B/h: 1400/850/500/950/600/185(mm)
Load Capacity:150KG
Net Weight:14.4KG
Wheel:10"3.50-4 Air