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5 cuft poly tray
Steel tubular frame with soft grip
Steady dual pneumatic wheel
Great for yard & farm

Load Capacity: 150KGS
Water Capacity: 100L ...
Load Capacity:300KGS
Wheel:10"x3.50-4 pneumatic wheel
Net Weight:12.8KGS
Water Capacity: 65L
Sand Capacity: 5CBF
Load Capacity: 100KG
Net Weight: 11.5KG
Wheel: 4.00-6 Air
L/H/C/A/B/h: 1370/650/375/820/690/250

65L galvanzied tray for ...
Head Pan

Heavy Gauge steel pan
Reinforced curved edge for heavy load
Steel tubular handle mounted by screws
Ideal for construction & agriculture
Load Capacity(kg):200
Net Weight(kg):19
Wheel:6.5"×1.5" Solid
Body Size(LxW1xHxW2)(mm):1200/560/610/235
Water Capacity: 65L
Sand Capacity: 5CBF
Load Capacity: 120KG
Net Weight: 8.8KG
Wheel: 14: X3.5"Air
L/H/C/A/B/h(mm): 1290/545/560/820/665/250
Construction wheelbarrow with 5CBF steel tray,powder coating body.16"x4.00-8 pneumatic wheel with plastic rim

Water Capacity:85L
Sand Capacoity:5CBF
Loading Capacity:150KGS
Light weight Garden Tool Cart;
Net Weight:9.5KGS
With 2 plastic tubs and a fabric woven bag;
Special used in Lawn & Garden to lay up all kinds of garden tools ...
Load Capacity(kg):200
Net Weight(kg):10.85
Body Size(LxW1xHxW2)(mm):1320/560/470/215
Garden Cart
13"x5.00-6 Pneumatic Wheel
Min. Order: 100 Pieces
Light duty hand truck
7.3"x3" Solid Rubber Wheel
Load Capacity(kg):90
Net Weight(kg):6.8
Wheel:6"×1.5" Solid
Body Size(LxW1xHxW2)(mm):1100/390/410/230
Water Capacity: 100L
Load Capacity: 150KGS
Sand Capacity: 6CBF
Wheel: 16"x6.50-8 pneumatic wheel
Usage: Construction
Steel galvanized head pan for construction

The Group has attained ISO9001: 2000 Quality Management System Certification. More than 20 different products have been testified and ...
Load Capacity: 35KGS
Net Weight: 6.8KGS
Wheel: 8"solid wheel

Steel tubular handle
Foldable body to save space
Soild toe plate to hold up heavty load
Italian Model Wheel barrow
Galvanized Tray with 75L capacity
14"x3.50-8 pneumatic wheel with steel rim
Rounded Edge
11.40KGS Net Weight
Load Capacity: 150KG
Net Weight: 31KG
Castor: 10"x3.50-4 Air
L/W/H(MM): 965/510/1000
Wheel Barrow WB2006
Water Capacity: 60L
Sand Capacity: 4CBF
Load Capacity: 100KG
Net Weight: 12.7KG
Wheel: 13"x3"Solid
L/H/C/A/B/h(MM): 1380/540/450/835/620/330

Feature: ...
Min. Order: 350
Wheel barrow
7 cuft/ 100 litre steel tray wheel barrow
Load 200KGS
16"x4.00-8 pneumatic wheel with steel rim
Powder coating
Slasher ASI-SL01

Australia technology

3mm top deck plate

40HP gear box


Construction: 3mm top deck plate, downfolds front and rear, steel understructure
Water Capacity: 78L
Sand Capacity: 5CBF
Load Capacity: 150KG
Net Weight: 18KG
Wheel: 16"x6.50-8Air
L/H/C/A/B/h(mm): 1480/600/520/895/642/298
Load Capacity(kg):120
Net Weight(kg):6.4
Body Size(LxW1xHxW2)(mm):1200/540/480/208
Load Capacity(kg): 150
Net Weight(kg): 10.25
Wheel: 10"× 3.50-4Air
Body Size(LxW1xHxW2): 1310/470/690/310
Water capacity:100L
Sand Capacity:7CBF
Load Capacity:200KG
Net Weight:19.2KG
Load Capacity:35KGS
Net Weight:6.9KGS
Wheel:8" solid wheel
Forged from solid forged steel, these sharp and durable tongs are perfect for dragging logs and carrying. Thermoplastic rubber handle for comfort and durability. 11in. jaws.
Load Capacity(kg): 100
Net Weight(kg): 14
Wheel: 10"× 3.50-4Air
Body Size(LxW1xHxW2)(mm): 1240/510/465/230
Load Capacity(kg):120
Net Weight(kg):20
Body Size(LxW1xHxW2)(mm):1355/505/540/230